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family church employment opportunities

Family Church Opportunities

PBCA Employment Opportunities

Responsible To: Principal and School Administration


  1. Evidence of ability to interact collaboratively with students, parents, and Administration.
  2. Evidence of excellent oral and written skills.
  3. Must pass drug test, finger prints, and local background check.


  1. Communication both written and oral
  2. Decision making
  3. Commitment to school’s vision and mission
  4. Classroom leadership
  5. Critical thinking skills
  6. Flexible
  7. Team work
  8. Able to get up and down from the floor or small chairs multiple times a day
  9. Able to lift 25-50 pounds multiple times a day
  10. Able to handle moderate to high stress levels
  11. Have excellent integrity and demonstrate a strong Christian character


  1. Ability to implement lesson plans as set forth by the classroom teacher.
  2. Follow Policies and Procedures as set forth by Administration.
  3. Provide a clean, safe, and nurturing classroom environment.
  4. Establishes and maintains standards for acceptable student behavior using appropriate techniques and school-wide behavior plan.
  5. All other duties as assigned.

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For more information contact Sandra Boyd at sboyd@pbchristianacademy.org

Current Staff/Administration Openings

None at this time

For more information contact Sandra Boyd at sboyd@pbchristianacademy.org

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